Finding the Right Abrasive Fit

SAIT Abrasives UK recognises that every business has different demands and routines. And those of businesses that are practical users of abrasives day-in, day-out can be particularly intense. Flexible options for testing products provide another plus-point to choosing SAIT as your abrasives manufacturer.


Testing with Area Managers

Between them, our industrious team of Area Managers cover the whole of the UK and are on-hand to advise on the SAIT portfolio. With backgrounds varying from distribution, through to technical demonstration and pure abrasive sales, they harbour a wealth of commercial and product expertise between them.

Our Area Managers are also proficient in shop-floor tests and trials to evaluate product performance. But if this option doesn’t suit, we have another solution for product exploration in the form of our in-house testing booth and Applications Engineer.

In-House Testing Booth

Installed at UK headquarters in 2019, our state-of-the-art grinding booth has almost never been dark since Day 1. This facility is utilised on an almost daily basis to carry out discovery work for our distributors and their customers and is now an integral part of our offering.

A Practical and People-Focused Solution That Fits Around You

We appreciate that - no matter how keen end users are - it is not always practical for them to take the time out of their daily schedule to test a new abrasive solution. Plus in the midst of a busy industrial environment - with its many options and distractions - it can be difficult to home in on the best parts to test.

In-house abrasive testing at SAIT UK has the potential to reduce three days spent on a shop floor into one focused day gathering results on your behalf. It also means no more need to negotiate the right date and place, balance schedules or prolong the procurement process.

What We Need From You

For the good of your business and ours, we want to be able to ascertain accurate results and be confident that we can make a difference.

To be able to do this, we require:

• At least three samples of each product you want to test against ours
• A description of the application and the material being used

Testing Methods and Data

We can test in a variety of ways:

• Straight stock removal tests on standard materials
• Fabrication of test pieces to carry out product evaluation
• Tests on customer material provided to us

Our Applications Engineer can provide a variety of different performance statistics on the tests conducted, including wheel wear vs. cutting ratio (cutting wheels) and wheel wear vs. stock removal (grinding wheels). For coated abrasives, where physical wear of the product is less marked, measures such as how long the product lasted and how much stock it removes will be the focus.


Specialist Applications Engineer

SAIT UK recognises the value in employing specialists – with their deep and specific expertise they are a powerful addition to our team, and by extension a valuable asset to our customers.

Our Applications Engineer, Andrew, lives and breathes testing. He has accumulated over 35 years’ experience in the abrasives industry, including a stint formulating recipes for bonded abrasive wheels. As well as testing at our headquarters, Andrew also goes out to site with Area Managers to offer an additional level of support in more complex situations.

A Complete Package of Support

Overall, distributors have the ultimate combination at their disposal: a commercial professional to help them maximise their potential, and a technical expert to delve into the depths of problem-solving for their customers.

In an increasingly hectic world of work, SAIT Abrasives UK can offer you the gift of time and focus. For more information, get in touch with us today.