Over 70 Years of Devotion

Turin, Northern Italy - 1950: In the midst of the post-WW2 Italian economic miracle, two local partners established a new abrasive venture. Due to a powerful combination of engineering excellence and business prowess, the result was an ethos with safety, performance and the customer at its core. Reflecting its local roots, they named their manufacturing company ‘Societa Abrasivi Industriali Torino’ (Company of Industrial Abrasives Turin), and launched in 1953.

Over half a century on, this original focus endures. Renamed in the 1980s to SAIT Abrasivi S.p.A., the company is ever fervent in its pursuit of excellence. It maintains a commitment to industry professionals and finding solutions that work in harmony with your business.

SAIT fabricator using thin portable cutting wheels on metal pipe

Premium Products, Optimal Standards

Products optimised for their purpose seed not only beautiful results, but also exemplary operational experiences. As a result, SAIT's abrasive inventions are backed to the hilt by premium materials and manufacturing methods, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. SAIT also holds membership to the key European organisations for abrasive safety - FEPA and oSa - as well as being part of the SEAM initiative for sustainability.

We’ll never rest on our laurels, it’s not in our nature: we pour our heart and soul into creating abrasives that deliver. Coupled with personalised service experiences that you’ll want to repeat time and again, SAIT products have become synonymous with customer satisfaction the world over.

A Global Force in Abrasives

As SAIT’s reputation and influence spread, so did its office locations across the world. Now one of the major European abrasive manufacturers, the SAIT group consists of eight subsidiaries worldwide (France, UK, USA, Spain, Canada, Brazil, China and Germany), in addition to its global headquarters in Turin. Despite its now-international reach, the company remains family-run and firmly rooted in its original ethos to this day.

Map indicating locations of SAIT Abrasives subsidiaries across the world: Italy, France, UK, USA, Spain, China, Canada, Brazil and Germany

SAIT in the UK

In the UK, SAIT Abrasives works with a network of key distribution partners to provide industrial professionals with personable service, expert tools and detailed technical advice.

Solution-Driven Area Managers

An industrious team of area managers work with distributors to solve problems and optimise processes, drawing upon SAIT’s extensive portfolio of high-quality solutions. They are proficient in shop floor tests and trials to evaluate product performance. This activity can be underpinned with increased technical support from our Application Engineer where required.

UK Stock

Struggling on lead times from abroad? In the dark on shipping costs until that invoice arrives? SAIT Abrasives holds extensive UK stock. Delivering straight from our East Midlands warehouse to businesses across the country, we can alleviate uncertainty of supply and keep customers’ operations flowing smoothly.

Quick Turnaround

With next day delivery when ordering before 12pm, distributors can quickly stock up at short notice and seamlessly maintain their shelves.

Situated in the Heart of the Midlands

The UK headquarters are situated in Leicester, within easy reach of Junction 21 of the M1 and are the base of our office support staff and UK warehouse. Here we are also proud to be able to support UK manufacturing with our conversion facility, in which we can produce bespoke abrasive belts in widths from 10mm – 1380mm.

Testing and Training Booth

Our Leicestershire premises also incorporate our purpose-built abrasive testing booth, installed in 2019. This key asset allows our Application Engineer to carry out in-depth discovery processes for our distributors and their customers. This is a major advantage when time on-site with end users is difficult to accommodate.

Product Portfolio

SAIT provides the following solutions to satisfy your abrasive requirements:

• Coated abrasives (belts, blocks & sponges, discs, flap wheels, rolls, sheets, sleeves and strips)
• Bonded abrasives (cutting and grinding wheels)
• Diamond tools (blades, cup wheels, drills and hook & loop discs)
• Brushes (cup, wheel, bevel wheel, end and hand variants)
• Polishing systems (abrasive compounds)
• Tungsten carbide burs
• Accessories (backing pads, hand blocks, cloths, sponges etc)

Key Material Areas


From the refurbishment of old items through to the crafting of the new, SAIT’s range of products for wood helps artisans and volume producers alike achieve the results they desire. Sanding and fine finishing are both catered for with a variety of types, grits and technologies.


SAIT is a great companion to the work involved in metal fabrication. Carrying items to cut, grind, blend and finish ferrous and non-ferrous metals and with specialist products for stainless steels, we can lighten the load on machinery operators and help achieve great results at every stage.


Hailing from one of the most famed areas in Europe for car manufacturing, it was only natural for SAIT to make this area one of its key focuses. We provide a wide range of abrasives to tackle the various processes involved in prepping and perfecting car bodywork; from the cleaning of surfaces, through to rust and weld mark removal, filling, lacquering and finally polishing.

Building Materials

To address the diverse range of materials encountered in construction – from plastic and glass, through brick, concrete and ceramics and on to the stunning materials of granite, marble and natural stone – SAIT offers a variety of solutions. Whether prefabricating before delivery to site, or working as a contractor on the tools, you can find products to suit.

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